There is no justification for taking away individual freedom in the guise of public safety.”
— Thomas Jefferson

Global Fascism Is Not The Prescription For a Respiratory Virus.

Since the beginning of the Age Of Covid, in March of 2020, nothing about the response of our public health authorities has made any sense — not if you are looking at it from the perspective of optimizing personal health within the context of free societies organized around the principle of individual rights.

Prior to COVID-19, the basic principle of public health was that the more society can function and remain productive during a pandemic, the better people will manage and survive, and the lower the ultimate death toll will be. Sick people were quarantined and treated and the healthy were left to carry on.

Never before in history did any country seek to quarantine entire populations of healthy people via “lockdowns,” which is a prison term. Never before did Western countries mandate the use of cloth or surgical masks for healthy people as a means of protection against a nano-sized virus. And never before has a vaccine been rushed out at “warp speed,” without proper safety studies, and then jammed into people’s arms by fanatical zealots with a religious fervor (even going so far as to mandate them after the data clearly demonstrated they were both unsafe and ineffective).

The official response to this pandemic threw decades of hard-won knowledge about how best to handle pandemics out the window. Our public health authorities seemingly lost their collective minds and started acted like we were facing a global smallpox epidemic instead of a respiratory virus with a 99.8% recovery rate. And the tragedy is, this was a virus that was eminently treatable, yet the few courageous physicians who were attempting to offer lifesaving treatments were actively blocked from doing that and even threatened with prosecution or loss of their medical license.

The response has been so disproportionate to the threat, it has been difficult for thinking people to conclude anything other than that there is a larger agenda driving this that has nothing to do with public health. Indeed, almost two years into this dystopian nightmare, we are seeing our core freedoms under attack from all directions — not only from governments and politicians, but also from doctors, scientists, and all of the large medical institutions we formerly trusted.

Amidst it all, there has been one constant: free speech has been aggressively censored and the mainstream media has faithfully parroted the “official narrative” as promulgated by the Church of Covid, and their patron saint, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci is an incompetent and corrupt career bureaucrat who has delusions of grandeur, claiming he “is science,” while also asserting his opinion “supersedes” the individual rights and personal choices of Americans. Apparently he fancies himself a modern day Mussolini because he has a white coat and large taxpayer funded budget.

Fortunately, there is a growing number of courageous and competent doctors, scientists, and writers who have been speaking out, questioning the official dogma, and opposing the growing tyranny of the “New Normal,” and their War on Reality. 

At C19 Counterpoint, our aim is to curate some of the best of those voices, so everyone can see the “other side” of the narrative and then make truly informed decisions.

Truth and freedom will win in the end