“If I ever recommended in court that people…should be protected by wearing a mask, I probably would lose all my credentials.” Stephen Petty, Industrial Hygienist. (9:06)

“There isn’t a single criteria that I find of the main criteria under the Respiratory Protection Standard [OSHA 29 CRF 1910.134] where mask fits their criteria.” (12:16) Petty.

“IF [OSHA] ever admit that the primary mechanism of exposure is aerosols [as opposed to droplets] the mask and the six foot rule are dead.” (13:00) Petty

“Aerosols – the kingpin word that renders masks and the 6-foot rule meaningless.” (26:43) Petty

In this interview, Sr. Research Scientist and expert on PPEs discusses the exposure risks of the virus when mitigating with masks.