Vaccine Safety

On the issue of vaccine safety, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Below is the graph from the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reports System) database as of December 2021. VAERS is the CDC’s early warning system for vaccine safety. Do you notice anything unusual about the year 2021?

Yes, the Covid vaccines have generated more reports associated with death than all other vaccines over the last 30 years combined. Some will try to rationalize this by saying “correlation is not causation,” which is true. However, historically, VAERS has been under-reported by a factor of 100X.

One of the top VAERS experts, Dr. Jessica Rose, breaks it down and explains how to determine reasonable numbers here:

As you will see if you watch the video, it is looking like the Covid injections are doing far more harm than good and can easily claim the title of the deadliest vaccines in history. Too bad they don’t even work very well.